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Capturing your dog's incredible personality - and soul - in a photograph isn't easy.

Learn this simple method and start taking amazing photographs of your furry friend today.

Learn the difference between capturing cute and capturing essence.

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In my forty years experience as a professional dog photographer, and "mom" to so many incredible dog soulmates, I have developed a simple, 5 step approach to help you take beautiful photos of your canine companion.

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Once you learn this 5 STEP APPROACH:

You 'll do more than just take stunning photos of your beautiful 4 legged soul mate

you will never have to be frustrated with the results again

you will finally understand what it takes to get that perfect Pet photo

you will capture your dog's heart and soul

you will know the secret building blocks to awesome pet photography

before you know it, your friends will be asking you to photograph their pets

I too, was in your shoes once upon a time…and didn’t have a clue as to how to get a good picture of my dog.

Almost 40 years ago, I brought my 4 month old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy- a pup I loved beyond words - to a person that called themselves a “professional photographer”. And the short of it, the photos were not good. At all.

My reaction? I decided to learn photography myself. Like how hard could it be? Well, without a mentor it had its challenges. But after investing thousands of dollars in equipment, and stumbling around with trial and error for a long time, I eventually discovered what worked. And I excelled.

My photos stood out and others took noticed.

My work started appearing in mainstream dog magazines like Dog Fancy, Dog World and the AKC Gazette.

They've even appeared on the cover of several breed specific magazines. And in an international book on dogs.

Everyone has a phone camera now, but no one has taught you how to capture great dog photos.

And I am here to change that!

Use the simple steps I teach in this digital book and learn to avoid all the mistakes, wasted money, and missed opportunities that I endured.

Instead, start taking photographs of your dog that you are proud to show your friends and, more importantly, will capture you dog's personality and soul forever.

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this is what customers have to say about this digital book:

Very happy to have read Anne Louise Nichols' book... as I work as an instructor in doggy day school, and as a pet sitter, I take dog (cat/ hamster/ bird/ etc) photos with my cell phone several times a day for my clients. Anne's clear and straightforward recommendations, along with the photo examples, have been extremely helpful for me in pulling the different elements of a great picture together. I read the book on a Sunday, and with the simple steps outlined in Anne's book, my photos were noticeably improved within the week. I'm looking forward to the response from my clients when they see consistently better photos of their furry and feathered kiddos! Thanks Anne!" - Kerry Bramwell, True Colors Dog Training

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What a wonderful resource for learning how to capture the best possible memories of our dogs. I loved how concise and practical every tip was. I was able to make fast and easy changes after a very small time investment. Thank you for being so practical and for drilling in on the details that matter most. Well Done!" - Holly Bushard, Countryside Dog Sports, NACSW and AKC Judge

"I so love this book and cannot wait to be taking pictures of my four-legged family right away! I have never been able to take a decent photo of my dogs and now I know why! I cannot wait to put all of these tips to use and take some stunning photo ops with my beautiful pups! Ms. Nichols has done an incredible job taking her expert knowledge as a professional trainer and photographer to help all of us who do not really have clue on how to capture the essence and energy of our beloved companions in a photo.” - Pat Sheveland, Amazon Best Selling Author

"I actually took some great photos of my dogs after reading Anne Louise Nichols' book. The 5 steps outlined are indeed easy to understand and implement! I’ve admired Anne’s talent with a camera for many years, and now she has shared some of her secrets to help the “non-photographers” amongst us". - Denise Peck, Dog lover

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Getting started is easy:

1) Buy the book

3) Use the simple approach inside.

3) Start taking incredible photos of your pet.

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Who will benefit from this awesome 5-step approach?

All animal lovers! Capturing a beautiful photo of your animal companion will bring years of joy to you.

Rescues, shelters, humane societies, pounds and foster homes. Excellent photos help animals become adopted quicker.

Dog daycare workers; text outstanding photos of clients dogs to bring a smile to their face.

Future professional animal photographers that want to build a solid foundation.

Kids! The easy to read digital books that include many photo examples makes it easy for anyone to apply the techniques and get results!

More than just one book:

Digital Book number one - 5 Easy Steps To Take Professional Style Portraits Of Your Dog – even with a phone. ($17 value)

Digital Book number two - 5 Easy Steps To Teach Your Dog To Pose For Camera - The Foundation. ($17 Value)

Special access to Anne for one-on-one coaching sessions to improve your photography skills - as Anne only works with those that have purchased the digital books.

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the ultimate dog photography package is only


Book number one

Easy to read, fun and conversational style writing. ZERO photography lingo used!

Use any type of camera – including your phone.

Many photo examples throughout book – to help the reader clearly see how to take better dog portraits.

Topics covered include; angle, lighting, background, expression, black dogs, training to stay for photos and over-coming camera shyness with your dog.

Outdoor and indoor photos.

Photo tips and techniques can be applied to other small animals.

Easy to apply techniques that you can have improved results your very first try.

35 pages of to the point learning. You won't have to wade through a bunch of "fluff" to get to the topics that you want to learn about!

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Book number two

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How to make posing for the camera FUN!

The foundation of every pose: STAY.

Sit, down, target with feet, come.

If your desire is to have an instagram dog - this is a must have book!

35 pages.

buy now and immediately download the books

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Are you owned by a cat?

The book - 5 Easy Steps to take Professional Style Portraits - also applies to felines as well as all other small animals.

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#1 THE DIGITAL BOOKS -The fun, easy to read books are easy to apply to YOUR skill level

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#2 SIMPLE - Nothing overwhelming. Follow the steps, and you'll improve.

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#3 GUARANTEED -If you don't improve your dog photography skills, I'll give you your money back and you keep the books!

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That if you follow the advice in this book you will be able to improve your dog and pet photography skills. I am so confident that you will LOVE your purchase, that I offer you a 30 day, money back guarantee. If you don't like it for any reason, I will happily refund all of your money - and you get to keep the books!


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Wait, before you check out...

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Know two more things:

1) I am available to do private sittings of your animal friend in the outdoors. Dogs, cats and horses. In Minnesota and Western WI. Or nationwide. Sittings start at $500 plus travel fee.

2) I am available to individually coach you in animal photography.



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